Empyrean Arts will be closed for the Holidays December 23rd-26th and Dec 31st-Jan 1

Winter Solstice Special – 5 Classes for $100!

No purchase limits, 6 month expiration. Credits can be gifted and/or shared with family members!

Intro to Lyra – 4 Week Series

Wednesdays at 3:15pm, January 10th-31st


Sundays 12:15pm, January 14th-Feb 4th

$90 per student for the series, no experience required!

Juggling Techniques – 6 Week Series – $150
Sunday January 14th 4:30-5:30pm through Sunday February 18th

This six week series is perfect for the complete beginner through intermediate juggler.  Over the six weeks the series will focus on techniques for building a confident cascade pattern in each of the three individual prop based toss methods (balls, clubs, rings.)  Once the cascade pattern is established, this series will explore various solo tricks and multiple person passing patterns with an emphasis on performing. The class will also incorporate Site Swap Notation which is a numerical notation system for describing juggling patterns.  Site Swap is for a juggler what sheet music is for a musician. Why take a juggling class?  Juggling is a portable circus art!  All you need are objects that can be thrown and caught and you have an impromptu act!  Juggling builds hand-eye coordination. Juggling builds confidence.  And science tells us that learning to juggle is good for the brain.  A published scientific study from the University of Regensburg in Germany shows grey matter growth from learning to juggle! This series is available to ages 13 and up (no experience required, brand new students welcome).

Instructor Bio:
Walter Beals has been juggling for 30 years.  He taught himself with rocks when he was living and working in Yosemite National Park.  As soon as he learned, he realized he wanted to share it with others.  It’s in his nature to be a teacher.  Walter was the founder of the Humboldt Juggling Festival, and helped start and organize the Asheville Juggling Festival.  After getting a BA in Theatre Production from Humboldt State University (HSU), Walter trained for a year at Circomedia, a circus arts school in Bristol England.  His year at Circomedia was part of the MA in Theatre Production he also completed at HSU.  After college Walter worked as a touring actor and instructor for the S.T.A.R. program at Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan, Illinois.  There he taught juggling, stage combat, puppetry, mask making and general theatre arts classes.  After moving back to North Carolina, Walter joined 3 other jugglers and over 14 years performed as part of the comedy juggling troupe “Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth”.  Walter also spent several years producing and performing in a monthly variety show called Asheville Vaudeville.  Walter is eager and excited to teach you to juggle, or help you become a better juggler and performer.

This 6 week series is in preparation for our Valentine’s themed showcase called Eat Your Heart Out! We will be performing choreography with partner chair dance, sensual movement, flexy floorwork and HEELS. Students must be able to attend all six classes on Fridays 1/26 to 3/1 at 730pm, dress rehearsal (3/2 4-7pm) and the show (3/3 5pm). Advanced Beginner (comfortable walking in heels and some floorwork experience) friendly! $135 for the series.

“In The Zone” Cones

These cones are designed to be used in an open studio environment to help communicate an individual’s desire for a focused, non-communicative, private space while training or playing. Whether someone is running a piece, focusing on a workout or project, and/or they just aren’t up for chatting or engaging with others – a cone can be placed on that person’s mat to help communicate that they aren’t available for engagement at that time. Folks can easily and kindly point to their cone while “in the zone” to quickly remind others of where they are at in the moment. Zone Cones are located in both 108 and 107U, and an open studio host will be happy to set you up with one at your request. When you are finished with open studio and/or being in the zone please return the cone to your host!