Run by 2 of the most talented ladies I’ve come across in aerials, hands down! I have done Lyra instructor training and multiple private/classes in Silks over the years with Waverly and Heather. Both are exceptional instructors with a huge base of safety, rigging, and fitness. As an aerial instructor and studio owner myself, I’m far more critical than most students, and I can’t emphasize enough how above the rest Waverly and Heather are with their knowledge and skill. Very compassionate, safe, and thoughtful instructors who create a safe and relaxed environment in which to learn. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

Bonnye T.

“After turning 40 I had begun to have weight problems and had just recently received certification to be a fitness instructor to help keep myself motivated to exercise. A few months ago, I was joking with some of the other instructors I work with that I had always wanted to have a stripper’s body. Afterwards I decided to look to see if there were any pole dancing exercise classes offered nearby. I had always thought about taking pole dancing classes, but had really never pursued it as I thought this was just a bucket list item, not something I would actually do more than once. It was then I came across Empyrean Arts and signed up for my first pole dancing class with Waverly. My expectations going into class were that I would quickly realize that I didn’t have a stripper’s body (and would never have one), I wouldn’t be able to do most of the moves, and I would look ridiculous. However, when I went to class, I was pleasantly surprised as everyone was so welcoming, accepting, and supportive. After that first class, I realized that with a little practice, this is something I could do and something I was really excited about. All of the instructors I have had (Amber, Waverly, Lorna, and Jennifer) have been so great and accepting at whatever level you are at and enabled me see a different side of myself that I never even thought about. I probably won’t ever have the stripper’s body that I have dreamed of, but this has taught me to drop the expectations/assumptions about something new until I have tried it and to continue to try new things. In going to Empyrean Arts, I think everyone should feel that accepted and sexy at least at least once.”

Kathy B.

The level of attention and knowledge you gain when taking these classes is impeccable. Wonderfully skilled professionals, excellent selection of classes for all skill levels, flexible times all day, and a beautiful community to be a part of! Hands down the best aerial arts studio in WNC!

Chynna L.

My maid of honor found this place and I’m so glad she did! We had my bachelorette party there yesterday and it was so much fun! Waverly is wonderful, and helped us all accomplish the different things we wanted to yesterday, even though we are all beginners! I’m definitely going back!

Lexi P.

Drove two hours there and back to take a one hour class. Well worth it. I took the aerial rope class taught by Cody Hayman, great instructor, helped me understand all the movements we learned. Definitely going back 🙂

Jordan G.

“Taking classes here has been one of the greatest self confidence boosters that I didn’t even know I needed! The most common reason I hear from women not wanting to try it is because they don’t feel like their body is “right” for pole dancing. I’m telling you guys, you will feel like a million bucks and sexier than ever before once these ladies show you how to work it! You will realize how beautiful and strong you really are. On top of that, it’s so much fun! You don’t even realize you’re working out…till the next day when your muscles remind you.”

Jesse G.

“I have been taking classes at Empyrean Arts since July of 2015. I started with absolutely no experience and very little hope that I would be able to get very far. With each visit, I have observed improvements in my strength, flexibility, and confidence. Several months later, I now feel as if the sky is the limit! Each instructor possesses a unique passion for their skill and for sharing their knowledge with our community through education and encouragement. They are as colorful and vibrant as the beautiful city that surrounds them. I can’t imagine this not being a part of my weekly routine and look forward to seeing my progress over time. If you are not here, you are truly missing out on an amazing experience.”

Tammy H.

“Heather Poole has not only improved my body’s flexibility, but my approach to aerial arts in general.  Her class curriculum’s have helped to balance my body and build flexible strength, both things that had been lacking for me before coming to her classes.  Heather is knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, and how those pertain to movement.  She is able to communicate and build curriculum’s for individuals based on what their bodies need.  She is one of my biggest inspirations in the aerial arts!”

Jennifer D.

“My experience in Heather’s classes has been fantastic, challenging, and just amazing. I started flexibility and aerial arts classes not being very flexible, and I struggled a lot because my legs would cramp pretty often. I love doing these classes with Heather because she reads bodies, and I think this is pretty amazing. The classes are great because we strengthen and stretch the legs, back, shoulders, and other areas that I honestly did not know I needed to stretch, and when we do stretch them, it is just awesome! Heather will push you to be better, but she won’t ask more than your body can handle and a few classes later your body will be able to handle more than you can imagine. I am very happy with an instructor like her.”

Myriam R.

“I’ve been pretty good friends with one of the owners of Empyrean for a while and finally got signed up for a group class package. Tonight I went to my first class (contortion and functional flexibility with Heather) and it was a great experience. There is a very welcoming, accommodating vibe. Since I had a baby 2 months ago, I haven’t had much time (or confidence to be honest!) to hit the gym. Heather’s class helped me feel like I can be active and challenge myself while I work towards reintegrating a weight lifting routine (my workouts of choice pre-baby). I look forward to mixing it up and taking some pole classes and dance! Thanks Waverly and Heather for creating a safe space for every skill level. You’re wonderful.”

Adriana R.

“Want to try something new? Not sure about it though? Can YOU really do something so… different? YES! At Empyrean Arts, these instructors are here to help you find your inner beast! The space is beautiful, the instructors are talented, professional, fun, friendly, uplifting & encouraging. I LOVE my Empyrean Arts family!”

Amy D.

“This place is exactly the breath of fresh air and inspiration my fitness routine needed! The instructors offer extensive knowledge, show a genuine interest in the progress of each student, and promote a body positive environment.”

Brittney W.

“I took my first pole class with them, and I am so happy that this studio is here. Very professional, positive, and supportive. They embraced my dorky excited self with welcoming arms.”

Amy W.

“This is an incredible addition to Asheville’s movement, aerial, and circus scene! Empyrean offers an awesome variety of classes (including pole, hooray!) and their teachers are experienced, certified, fun, and passionate about what they do. The studio is gorgeous, the classes are inclusive and welcoming, and Emyprean is the new place to rock your need to fly, spin, and swing!”

Dana B.

“Love the nice studio and all the instructors I’ve worked with so far. Appreciate their attention to progressive skill-building.”

Deena W.

“My daughter, while growing up, had the opportunity to try out all kinds of things.  Outside of school she was exposed and offered classes in music/art, and some form of physical exercise; things that were more and more being shortened, cut, or not offered in school curriculum’s.  She took swimming, then tried out different forms of dance, then gymnastics.  She wasn’t sticking with one thing.  Then after one aerial arts class she was hooked! Everything else went by the wayside. She didn’t enjoy high school and withdrew in the middle of 10th grade to become a homeschooler. She continued taking aerial arts classes, designing them into her home school curriculum. She was doing so well, she had the opportunity to perform in a community show. Her teacher Heather Poole wrote up a beautiful report which detailed all the different facets of aerial arts that she had learned over the years. Then she had some travel opportunities that took her out of town for awhile, and when she returned her focus was on clay art, and moving out on her own; taking on a lot more responsibility and paying the bills became the priority, while continuing to enjoy other ways to at least get some exercise.  She wasn’t finding the time to make a commitment to keeping up with aerial arts, although still talks about the rich experiences she has had, and may find time again in the future for this. I can’t say enough about her involvement with aerial arts, and the great teachers she had!   I believe this was the thing that most kept her sanity, and off the streets as a teenager. It is a great foundation for anything she does! I am forever grateful she had this outlet.”

Tara T.