New Student Information

Creating a New Student Account

  • Curious about the studio? Be sure to use our new student special!
    • The 1st step is to create a new student account through our website by clicking the Class Sign Up button located in the top right hand corner. This link will take you to CircusDB, our online schedule system.
    • Create a New Student Account through CircusDB
    • From your student account you can purchase your first class special or any of our other offerings
    • The 2nd step is to sign up for the class(es) that you would like to take through your student account
    • All of our regularly scheduled group classes are drop in based
    • You must sign up for class(es) and open studio(s) ahead of time to ensure your spot
    • You can early cancel yourself out of any class through your student account 12 hours before the start of that class, and that class credit will go back into your account for a future use
    • You can access our Videos on Demand through your student account, and once purchased you have access to that purchased video forever to watch as many times as you’d like
  • You loved your first class and want more!
  • Check out our Pricing page on the website for a full listing of all that we offer
  • Our Monthly Subscriptions are by far the most popular option that we offer – the subscriptions are the most affordable option for attending classes regularly, and you can start and cancel at any time – no contracts!

Open Studio

Open studio is staff supervised studio time in which any student can utilize the studio to train, play on the equipment, and meet fellow students. Open studio is an excellent resource for improving strength and stamina, perfecting tricks and skills that you have learned in class, and having fun in exploring your creativity on the floor or in the air.

There is no instruction or skill sharing during open studio. Sign up in advance through your student account to ensure your spot in open studio. If you have your own aerial equipment, you’re welcome to bring it with you to use at the studio, and one of our staff members will get it safely rigged up for you.

What Class Do I Start With?

  • Are you curious and brand new to Pole?
    • Start with any of our weekly Intro or Beginning Pole class options and see which one you like best
    • We offer different approaches to Pole through classes like “Pole Fitness” which focuses on the sporty and work out side of Pole, “Pole Dance” which focuses on the dance and choreography side of Pole, and “Erotique Pole” which focuses on the sexy side of Pole, and more!
    • Students generally take 8-12 Intro-Beginning Level Pole classes before moving into our Level 2 Pole curriculum
    • Check out our Class Descriptions page underneath the Classes tab on the website to read more about our pole class offerings
  • Are you curious and brand new to Aerial?
    • Start with any of our weekly Beginning Level Silks, Sling, Trapeze, or Lyra classes
    • Students will learn the foundation for Silks, Sling, Trapeze, and Lyra in our Beginning Aerial classes and discover which apparatuses they like best
    • Check out our Class Descriptions page underneath the Classes tab on the website to read more about our aerial class offerings
  • Do you want to be able to touch your toes or do a split and build strength at the same time?
    • Check out our weekly Flexibility, Contortion, or Aerial Yoga classes
    • Our Flexibility focused classes are for all bodies and abilities – you do not need to be “bendy” to attend
  • Do you have Aerial and/or Pole experience already and want to know what classes are best for you?

Inside Empyrean Arts

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