Workshops & Specialty Classes

Aerial Straps Level 1 Workshop with Aaron Koz on Saturday April 15th

5:30pm at Empyrean Arts   $50/student

Prerequisites​: 2 arm inversions of any kind (straddle-up, tuck-up, pike-up), 1-arm hangs with engaged shoulder for 30 seconds, and 30 second wall handstand or 1-minute plank. This workshop will focus on the fundamental techniques for safe and effective training of aerial straps, though most exercises will greatly increase your power and control on other apparatus. We will warm up our shoulders and core using a set of exercises designed to pre-habilitate and strengthen the shoulders. The fundamental skills students will cover are static positions (meathook, inverted straddle, nutcracker) on both arms, and potentially 1 arm. The end of the workshop will focus on 2 and 1-arm spinning using the dynamic technique of flares to invert to different positions.
This workshop will be beneficial for aerial artists who work on other apparatus.

Acro Mel is teaching at Empyrean Arts on April 27th & 28th

April 27th – 5:00-6:15pm – TRAPEZE – Students will learn spinning sequences that are designed to look beautiful and flawless, while learning to maneuver within the spin into new positions.

April 27th – 6:30-7:45pm & 8:00-9:15pm – SILKS – Combinations and sequences will go through standard positions, allowing students to learn new entrances and exits, as well as new ways to sequences between different starting and ending points.

April 28th – 6:00-7:00pm – AERIAL ROPE

* students can use their existing class credits to attend these classes *

Liz Waddell is teaching at Empyrean May 19th-21st

May 19th – 4:45-5:45pm – Foam Roller and Ball Restore
May 20th – 11:45am-12:45pm – Beginning Pole
May 20th – 2:30-3:45pm – Flexibility with Yoga Wheel
May 20th – 5:30-6:30pm – Floor Flow
May 21st – 11:45am-12:45pm – Balancing Act (handstand focus)
May 21st – 5:45-6:45pm – Pole Fluidity (some pole experience needed)

* students can use their existing class credits to attend *

Empyrean Arts now offers a complete Beginning Level Aerial Arts Teacher Training through Aradia Fitness USA!

Heather Poole and Waverly Jones co-teach the aerial arts teacher training on Silks and Lyra currently. Training is held at Aradia Fitness in Cary, North Carolina or at your studio location. This training will provide you with beginning level aerial curriculum’s, one total body beginning level warm up, conditioning exercises and level ups for good student progression, introduction to aerial rigging information, and how to be an effective teacher for your students.

For more information and to register email Dakota Fox at