Workshops & Specialty Classes

JUNE 12th-16th 2017

Day One: Monday June 12th (2:30-4:00pm) a 90 minute total body flexibility-contortion class to get to know student’s bodies, abilities, and interests * drop in option available for this class *

Day Two: Tuesday June 13th (12:30-2:00pm) a 90 minute class focusing on splits and opening up the lower body; students will also work on tricks/transitions/movements associated with splits

Day Three: Wednesday June 14th (2:30-4:00pm) a 90 minute class focusing on back bending and working on tricks/transitions/movements associated with back bending

Day Four: Thursday June 15th (2:30-3:30pm) a 60 minute class focusing on dance theory, movement/performance quality, and how to move with fluidity * drop in option available for this class *

Day Five: Friday June 16th (1:30-3:30pm) a 2 hour class; first half of class will be a total body warm up, and the second half will focus on putting everything together from throughout the intensive working on building contortion sequences

Full Intensive $200
Drop In $40

June 12th Intermediate Aerial 5:00-6:15pm
June 12th Flexibility-Contortion 6:30-7:45pm
June 13th Flexibility-Contortion 8:00-9:15pm
June 14th Tippy Lyra 4:15-5:15pm
June 14th Floor Flow 8:00-9:15pm
June 15th Balancing Theory 1:00-2:15pm
June 15th Lyra 5:00-6:15pm
June 15th Silks 6:30-7:45pm
June 17th Trapeze & Lyra 1:00-2:15pm
June 17th Aerial Sequencing 2:30-3:45pm

Empyrean Arts now offers a complete Beginning Level Aerial Arts Teacher Training through Aradia Fitness USA!

Heather Poole and Waverly Jones co-teach the aerial arts teacher training on Silks and Lyra currently. Training is held at Aradia Fitness in Cary, North Carolina or at your studio location. This training will provide you with beginning level aerial curriculum’s, one total body beginning level warm up, conditioning exercises and level ups for good student progression, introduction to aerial rigging information, and how to be an effective teacher for your students.

For more information and to register email Dakota Fox at