Studio Updates & Specialty Classes

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Saturday June 1st

1st Showing – 5pm (doors 4:30pm)

2nd Showing – 8pm (doors 7:30pm)

Tickets $15 – first come first serve

Freakshow Pole Ensemble 8 Week Series

Starts Saturday June 1st 1:00pm

with Instructor Samantha Davis

In this 8-week series students will learn a full choreography to be performed at Empyrean Art’s upcoming summer showcase: “Freakshow,” on July 27th. Students must be level 2 or higher to attend. Attendance to all 8 classes required, as well as all rehearsals and shows for “Freakshow”. Heels optional. Classes will begin with a full body instructor led warm up, a review of learned choreography (first class will begin with free flow), instructional time to learn new parts of choreography, and will end with a 5-10 minute cool down. Class is held every Saturday at 1pm from June 1st to July 20th.

$100 for the series

2019 Contortion Intensive with Olga Karmansky

* June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd *

$350 for Full Intensive – $75 Single Class – $175 for 75 minute Private Lessons with Olga
  • Friday June 21st 6:15-7:15pm – Release Class – Self Care Techniques

It is important to train your body to engage and we now know that it’s just as important to train your body to release! No where is this more evident than contortion. There is reasonable agreement in scientific literature that self-myofascial release using foam rollers, peanuts and other trigger point therapy balls, increases flexibility and helps to improve range of motion. Join us in the 60 minute class to learn the best practices for targeting your knots/trigger points, and developing your own practice for muscle relation using breath-work and visualization. This class will teach you how to best prime your body not only before your flexibility training, but before any other type of training too. Equipment provided but feel free to bring your own tools too.

  • Friday June 21st 7:30-9:00pm – Introduction to Contortion

Come one, come all! This 90 minute class will first take you through a thorough warm up: raising your body temperature while mobilizing your joints and activating all muscle groups, relaxing the nervous system and ending with deep stretches targeting the whole body. This class is great for beginners seeking to develop a self-training routine and also great for more advanced practitioners seeking to refine their practice.

  • Saturday June 22nd 2:45-4:15pm – Inversions

All levels welcome! Learn the steps needed to get yourself upside down. This 90 minute class will include all the preps, drills, placement, technique and strategy for building up to your best inversion (yet). Class will include core work, wrist training, L-sits, and all the forearm-stand and handstand shapes.

  • Saturday June 22nd 4:30-6:00pm – Splits

All levels welcome! Welcome to the land of happy hamstrings and hip flexors. This 90 minute class will laser focus on technique and the components that are needed to get or improve your split.

  • Saturday June 22nd 6:30-8:00pm – Backbends

All levels welcome! Full spine back flexibility is possible, necessary and more fun! Join us in finding out how to maximize and capitalize on your existing back flexibility, open the parts that may feel locked and develop a longevity practice that will allow you to go deeper while keeping your spine healthy and strong. This 90 minute class will include all variations on backbends – the goal will be to find the positions that each student can work towards now.

  • Sunday June 23rd 12:30-2:00pm – Movement class

Let’s get flowing. Learn to thread together the positions in your repertoire. This 90 minute class will be an exploration of your body, using improvisation to develop your own material and exercising the ability to perceive what pictures you are creating for the viewer/audience.

* Pre-Reqs – student has been training flexibility for a year or more – has a solid bridge, comfortable with split positions, is comfortable putting weight on hands (and somewhat off their feet), and is open to exploring improvisation and experimentation with their body.

2019 Intensives & Workshops with Doris Arnold

  • Sunday August 25th, Monday August 26th, and Tuesday August 27th
  • 5 Hour Floor Work or Sexy Pole Intensive $200/each – Workshops $75/each – Private Lessons Available

August 25th – Sunday

  • 3:30-6:00pm – Floor Work Intensive Part One – Studio 108
  • 6:30-9:00pm – Sexy Pole Intensive Part One – Studio 107 Upstairs

August 26th – Monday

  • 1:30-4:00pm – Floor Work Intensive Part Two – Studio 108
  • 4:30-7:00pm – Sexy Pole Intensive Part Two – Studio 107 Upstairs
  • 7:30-9:00pm – Striptease-Lap Dance 90 Minute Workshop (all levels welcome) – Studio 108

August 27th – Tuesday

  • 5:45-7:15pm – Pole Like A Stripper 90 Minute Workshop (all levels welcome) – Studio 107 Upstairs
  • 7:30-9:00pm – Contortion 90 Minute Workshop (all levels welcome) – Studio 108

– Floor Work Intensive – 5 Hours – $200

The fun and relaxed atmosphere of Doris’s intensives make them unique and addictive. She is convinced that pleasure and a cheerful mood make the best ingredients to help you reach beyond your physical limits as well as overcome some psychological barriers.

Intensive training of Exotic Floorwork with Doris Arnold! Five hours, two days – with choreography, technical lessons, acrobatics, balance, low flow, sexy stretching, and workshops on fluidity, mobility, improvisation. No doubt you will gain in self confidence and will better know how to express your sensuality! All levels welcome.

– Sexy Pole Intensive – 5 Hours – $200

The fun and relaxed atmosphere of Doris’s intensives make them unique and addictive. She is convinced that pleasure and a cheerful mood make the best ingredients to help you reach beyond your physical limits as well as overcome some psychological barriers.

Five hours during which you’ll learn everything about sexy pole! Sexy dances remain the most fun way to develop your flexibility, strength, and stamina. They will help you build a more defined and curvy figure but most of all, they will improve your sense of self-confidence and the way your perceive your own body. Learn how to dance sexy around and on the pole with Doris Arnold! All levels welcome.

– Pole Like a Stripper – 90 Minutes – $75

A sexy choreography class with the pole but no tricks which is solely devoted to the sensual side of pole. Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and you’ll love it! Even the very beginners will feel comfortable thanks to Doris’s methods.

– Striptease-Lap Dance – 90 Minutes – $75

NO, this is not an “effeuillage” nor a burlesque or a “glamour style” class, It’s a real strip tease class! The one and only! No hypocrisy, no taboo, both provocative and sweet, funny and enchanting as well as sexy and sophisticated. Doris will reveal all her secrets to become a real pro! Without even realizing it this class does have a real healing effect as everyone is having fun, as well as motivate and cheer on each other. Bring a skirt and a top or a sexy dress, lingerie or bikini and high-heel shoes.

– Contortion – 90 Minutes – $75

The name might sound scary but this class is mostly technical work and flexibility. Doris will provide you with both efficient and safe exercises that are also fun and respect everyone’s goals.

About Doris Arnold…

Professional dancer of ballet, modern, African, hip-hop and ballroom, Doris Arnold has also worked as a stripper in the realm of nightlife for ten years. In 2008 she discovered pole dancing could be an art form and started teaching it. As
one of the French pioneers, she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion by creating her first studio in 2010 and traveled to the various studios abroad in order to pursue her training. She has won the 2013 French Pole Dance championship, and became European championship runner-up, got titled multiple times in international competitions and was even a finalist in the 2014 world pole dance championship. She is renowned internationally for her unique style mixing strength, fluidity and sensuality.

Nowadays, Doris doesn’t compete anymore but takes part to pole and exotic dance events as showgirl, judge and guest performer. In order to perfect her Art and complement her technical skills in pole dancing, Doris Arnold took to other disciplines inspired from circus acts such as aerial hoop and hammock, contortion, handstands… as well as fitness and contemporary dance. In 2015 she chose to open a brand new studio: Le Studio Françoise which enables her to teach all the disciplines she enjoys in the same place. She chose to surround herself with a team of experts in order to pass on her passion in the best conditions. Her past as a stripper and her passion for the erotic arts have led Doris Arnold to make fun, body positivity, self-confidence development, sex-appeal and the respect of differences the main tools for teaching and motivation, whatever the discipline she teaches.