Workshops & Specialty Classes

April Skelton returns teaching in February!

Some of you may remember April from when we first opened our studio doors or you may know of April online, either way we are beyond thrilled to have April move back to Asheville and resume teaching at Empyrean Arts!

Read more about April HERE.

Starting February 1st 2018, April will be teaching the following group classes…

  • Mondays 3:45-5:00pm – Intermediate-Advanced Aerial Arts (Silks, Sling, Trapeze, and Rope)
  • Thursdays 10:00-11:00am – Aerial Conditioning (all levels)
  • Fridays 6:15-7:30pm – Trapeze (all levels)
  • Saturdays 1:00-2:15pm – Silks & Rope (all levels)

Adam Philyaw is at Empyrean Arts in January for teaching Handstands on Thursday afternoons from 4:00-5:00pm! Adam will also be teaching Aerial Conditioning class on some Thursday afternoons in January at 2:30pm (see the online schedule for dates). Some aerial experience is recommended for Aerial Conditioning; use your existing class credits to attend.

Handstand Class:
Learn to build strength and confidence on your hands & discover the tools necessary to build a strong, stacked handstand. We will focus on exercises to build strength and flexibility upside-down and drills to understand a proper position without needing to invert. This series will incorporate alignment drills on the floor and wall combined with partner spotted exercises to build endurance and to practice new positions. Class will progress to learn how to safely enter handstands in a variety of ways. Advanced skills include working on press handstands and exercises to begin one arm handstand training. Pre-requisites: Comfort kicking up to a handstand on the wall. 30 second handstand hold on wall or with a spotter.

Empyrean Arts now offers a complete Beginning and Intermediate Level Aerial Arts Teacher Training through Aradia Fitness USA!

Heather Poole and Waverly Jones co-teach the aerial arts teacher training on Silks and Lyra currently. Training is held at Aradia Fitness in Cary, North Carolina or at your studio location. This training will provide you with beginning or intermediate level aerial curriculum’s, one total body beginning or intermediate level warm up, conditioning exercises and level ups for good student progression, introduction to aerial rigging information, and how to be an effective teacher for your students.

For more information and to register email Dakota Fox at