Studio Updates & Specialty Classes

Shannon McKenna – The Artist Athlete

+ Beginner Aerial Silks Weekend Intensive +
2 Days | 6 Hours
You tried your first aerial silks class and now you’re hooked.
You’re infatuated.
You’re more than infatuated, you’re in LOVE…
Or, maybe you just want to know more about this strange new hobby you’ve acquired.
This weekend is for you! Join Shannon McKenna, one of the top aerial silks instructors in the US, for a two day exploration into the foundational elements of your aerial silks practice. This intensive will cover the basics of injury prevention, strength and flexibility training, fabric vocabulary and theory (that is, how not to get all tangled up in those weird wraps), and creative play time. You will walk away a confident knowledgeable beginner, both as an athlete and as an artist!
Friday, February 21st: 1-4pm
Saturday, February 22nd: 10-1pm
+ Continuing Education Aerial Silks Weekend Intensive +
2 Days | 6 Hours
Take a weekend deep dive into your aerial silks practice. Filled with creative exercises to help you explore your artistic voice, discussions about choreography and performance, next level vocabulary, and conditioning drills to assist you with your strength and flexibility goals, this weekend course will leave you with fresh information about aerial silks and return you to your own aerial practice inspired. This course is excellent for instructors who want to focus on their own practice and experienced students who want to explore advanced aerial concepts.
Prerequisites for the Continuing Education Intensive:
– long arm engaged hang minimum 30 seconds, open fabric
– clean single and double foot locks
– clean aerial inverts (short arm/développé is fine)
– clean cross-back straddle invert entry and exit
– clean star drops, both sides
Saturday, February 22nd: 2-5pm
Sunday, February 23rd: 10-1pm
+ Pricing +
We’re running an Early Bird Special of $225 per intensive if purchased before December 1st. Purchasing on or after December 1st is $250 per intensive. For someone wishing to attend the both intensives with Shannon (12 hours of training), the Early Bird Special is $350, on or after December 1st is $400.
+ Private Lessons +
1 hour (1 person): $110
1 hour (2 people): $140
1.5 hour (1 person): $165
1.5 hour (2 people): $200
1.5 hour (3 people): $230
2 hour (1 person): $200
2 hour (2 person): $260
2 hour (3 people): $300
Email us at to book private lessons with Shannon.
About Shannon…
Shannon McKenna, aerialist and founder of was never a dancer, never a gymnast, but one hell of a tree climber.
She earned her B.F.A. from NYU with a concentration in physical theater and decided the summer after college, without much idea of what it meant, to become a circus artist. She packed up her life in a suitcase and traveled the globe in search of the best coaches to teach her, teaching aerial arts to whoever wanted to learn, and put her work on any stage she could.
She trained straps with Jonathan Fortin in Montreal and Juan Luis Gonzalez in Guadalajara, and rope and flexibility through the professional training program at The New England Center for Circus Arts. She teaches workshops and classes to all ages and abilities in over 20 states from Circus Smirkus in Vermont all the way to the legendary San Francisco Circus Center in California.
Her performance work has spanned from traditional shows in large arenas to intimate contemporary pieces in small black box theaters. She performs as a solo artist, a part of artistic duos, and ensembles. Career highlights being a magician’s assistant in Portugal, a post-food poisoning silks act in the German show WET, and hanging underneath a motorcycle on a tight wire with the Flying Espanas.
In 2018, Shannon launched The Artist Athlete, an online resource that produces educational material for aerialists, as well as a weekly podcast which contains interviews with professionals in the circus industry. It is available on Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and iTunes.
Instagram: @the_artist_athlete
Facebook: The Artist Athlete

Jenn Bruyer Workshops

November 20-22nd, 2019

$55 | 90 Minute Workshop

Private Lessons Available – email us at to schedule

* Wednesday, November 20th

– 6pm: Flashy Dance Trapeze Skills 

Trapeze Level 3+ | Intermediate-Advanced | 90 Minutes

We’ve all seen it: that routine that looks so show-stopping but seems so simple we can’t help but think, “I can do that!” And you can.

In this workshop we will learn how to add some flash without breaking the bank. Not every jaw dropping skill has to be terrifying, impossibly painful or require some super human strength. We will explore some really accessible skills that will add some extra sparkle to your routine.

* Wednesday, November 20th *
– 7:45pm: Two Ropes and a Bar: Exploring Dance Trapeze
Trapeze Level 3+ | Intermediate-Advanced | 90 Minutes
It all starts with Two Ropes and a Bar. The perfect gift for the moving body. Support and freedom, simplicity and complexity, frame and space. In this workshop we will dive into various topics as it relates to this apparatus’s unique construction: moving through and around, wrapping, shelves, dynamics and pathways – taught in short relatable sequences.

* Thursday, November 21st

– 6:15pm: Fabric Witchcraft 

Silks Level 3+ | Intermediate-Advanced | 90 Minutes

The allure of fabric is truly multi dimensional. Its beautiful, tactile and confusing. It can seemingly defy physics. Wraps, shelves and connections can appear and disappear in an instant. Complex but stable architectures are constructed out of nothing.

In this workshop we will explore some really fun examples of knots, hitches, releases, wraps and fabric theories that simply DO NOT SEEM POSSIBLE or are totally surprising to even an educated eye.

– 8pm: Dynamic Sling

Silks Level 3+ | Intermediate-Advanced | 90 Minutes

Go big or go home! 😉 All the big moves, drops and totally wild transitions you can handle all on one place!

We will begin this workshop with a skills progression of dynamic movements, beats, flairs and catch locks. Students can expect to work on: beats, flairs, dynamic pathways, simple drops, hands free dives, direction changing drops, fancy transitions, rolls and releases.

* Friday, November 22nd

– 5pm: Dance Hammock 

Open/all levels, some aerial experience is required | 90 Minutes

Hammock has been a long time favorite of mine because I feel like I can simply DANCE! Without the entanglement of a fabric tail or the defined edge of a steel bar my body feels as though it can move as freely as if there were nothing there at all!

In this workshop we will explore specific skills, pathways and transitions that I think are particularly dance like in nature. We will also examine the space between the fabric loop and floor, how these two can meet and interconnect to create spins, circles, transitions, mounts and supported floor choreography to enhance your hammock vocabulary or create an entirely new performative experience. No background in dance or hammock is required.

– 6:45pm: Curtain Climbing: Open Fabric

Silks Level 3+ | Intermediate-Advanced. Pre-reqs: Ability to invert in the air and be in the air for up to 2 minutes in a supported position. | 90 Minutes

One of the most distinct attributes of fabric choreography is the ability to open it up and explore! In this workshop we will explore a variety of open fabric maneuvers, shapes and ideas to accentuate your existing skillset and choreographies.

About Jenn…

When not on the road Jenn resides in the magical wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest in her beautiful tiny off grid home with her two weenie dogs. Jenn has been immersed in aerial arts since 2008. She is driven by her focus on fabric (silks) and sling (hammock) and her first love trapeze [of all sorts]. She also enjoys exploring cord lisse, cloud swing, lyra, net, rope & harness and anything else someone puts in front of her. She has coached, choreographed and performed around the world including over 30 US states, China, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico.

As an Aerial Coach, she seeks to provide the highest quality progressive instruction to aerialists of all abilities from novice to professional performer. Her mission as a human is to cultivate a warm, non-judgmental learning environment that fosters community, to build physical and emotional strength within the individuals who participate in this environment and methodically construct a vehicle by which to create art.

Brittany Naegel Sling Intensives

May 1-2, 2020

$160 | 4 Hours | 2 Days

Private Lessons Available – email us at to schedule

Sling Foundations – Intro to Sling Intensive
Friday, May 1st @ 11-1pm, Pt. l
Saturday, May 2nd @ 11-1pm, Pt. ll
This intensive will introduce students to the sling and provide them with the building blocks needed for future success in the air! We will focus on conditioning the body for aerial arts, safety and basic movements on the sling. Learn how to tie together individual skills into beautiful sequences! In this 2 day intensive students will work on endurance and movement while piecing together multiple skills, creating a seamless flow. Get creative with your transitions in this beginner/intermediate intensive. This workshop is also great for those students who are at an intermediate level on another apparatus but are not yet experienced on sling.
Prerequisites: All Levels, some aerial experience (3+ months of consistent training) is required!

Intermediate-Advanced Sling Intensive
Friday, May 1st @ 1:45-3:45pm, Pt. l
Saturday, May 2nd @ 1:45-3:45pm, Pt. ll
Explore different sequences, tricks, skills and drops in this 2 day intensive! Play with some of Brittany’s favorite moves while incorporating spins in the sling. Learn spin technique while piecing together unique flows in the fabric. This course is meant for intermediate/advanced students.
Prerequisites: Strong aerial inverts required. Students must be able to perform multiple inverts in the air. Sling experience not required, but students must be at an intermediate or higher level on another apparatus.

About Brittany…
At a young age, Brittany enjoyed competing on a national award winning rowing team, coaching swim team for her local community center and assisting with as many outdoor team building adventure activities as possible (such as climbing/mountaineering, rappelling, kayaking, etc.). Her love of movement and passion for using adventure to help others realize their full potential began early on.
After her first touch of the fabric, she was hooked! She began taking classes, training and teaching all across the world! She believes that everyone has a gift to share, and enjoys sharing her love of the fabric with all who are willing to explore. Combining her knowledge of the body as a full time Licensed Massage Therapist with her passion for aerials has enabled her to help others realize their strengths, both inside and out.
Brittany performs on sling, silks, lollipop, lyra and chains. Her main apparatus and true love being the aerial sling/hammock.

Brittany has completed aerial teacher training with NECCA, as well as rigging and rope course certification trainings with both Outward Bound and Delbert Hall. She is certified by the Circus Arts Institute (the first ACE recognized teacher training program in America) and Reflex Arts as an aerial silks and aerial yoga instructor. Brittany is also a certified Cirque-It Fitness instructor.