Our Vision

Western North Carolina’s epicenter for specialized movement arts and alternative fitness classes. Empyrean Arts is a shared effort to extend opportunities to everyone interested in learning acrobatics, pole fitness, aerial arts, dance, flexibility and strength training, and therapeutic movement. Empyrean strongly values the importance of growth through continuing education of our instructors for the greater benefit of the studio and our students.

Our Mission

Empyrean Arts aspires to provide our community with a supportive environment for personal development through movement education.

Our Story

Heather Poole and Waverly Jones are the founders and owners of Empyrean Arts. Since discovering their love of the aerial arts many years ago, they have wholeheartedly committed themselves to their training. Their strong interest in aerial arts eventually led them to pole dance and fitness, and other acrobatic pursuits. Advancement in these arts required continuing education through traveling and learning from esteemed professionals around the world. In early 2014, Heather and Waverly realized that in order to further pursue their devotion to movement arts, they must weigh two options: relocate and continue professional development where more opportunities exist, OR create the kind of studio space that they travel so far for right here at home in Asheville, North Carolina. In concluding that they both love living in Asheville and did not want to leave, they began to bring Empyrean Arts, their movement arts studio vision, into existence. This grand vision was bigger than just two people, so Heather and Waverly began to seek out the dedicated, talented, and passionate individuals who would come together to form the Empyrean team. Empyrean Arts opened the studio doors on July 16, 2015.

Through Empyrean Arts, instructors offer an affordable, fun, and diverse assortment of ongoing group classes to the wonderful Asheville community.  Empyrean enjoys hosting highly sought after out-of-town artists and athletes to Asheville regularly for ongoing training. Both the staff and the community benefit through workshops, intensives, private lessons, and guest group class instructors. The Empyrean Arts team looks forward to seeing you at the studio soon.